Bringing a Soulspace into your life is such an inspiring and creative process!

The steps for a prefabricated transportable build are quite different to a traditional build.

Due to the prefabricated, transportable nature of our work all or most of the process is often done remotely.

One other big difference is the order in which things are done. Where a traditional build would start with construction of the footings/slab, that is actually one of the last items of work with a Soulspace!

(This is a big bonus for you if you want as little disruption to your site and life as possible!)

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  1. Choose plans from our range that are close to the size, layout and price you are hoping for or we can customise from scratch
  2. Complete our Client Form
  3. Schedule a time for a call with our designer (you will be contacted via text , phone or email)
  4. You will receive an estimate of costs and a sketch of the floor plan we have created with you
  5. Complete our ‘Working Drawings’ survey so that we can complete your detailed plans and set up a job board for your project
  6. Pay your $500 commitment fee if you wish to go ahead with getting plans and secure a place in our production schedule
  7. Complete our ‘Selections Survey’ for all of your interior finishes
  8. Receive your first round of plan and a detailed quote and inclusions list
  9. Make any changes necessary
  10. Sign off on final plans & inclusions list
  11. Receive a build and payment schedule
  12. Sign your contract and pay your 5% deposit

*** If Planning Permits or Development applications are needed this process will be different. In each case we will assess when the signing of the contract and payment of the deposit needs to happen.


  1. Permits are applied for once all of the relevant documentation has been sourced
  2. You source quotes and engage local trades for delivery time (concreter, plumber, electrician)
  3. We are happily building away in country Victoria….
  4. A week or two before delivery your footings are constructed onsite
  5. If any services need to be run prior to delivery they are done now (site and project specific)
  6. Your new space arrives and is craned into place
  7. Your trades connect your services ready for use

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Step One- Exploring Soulspace

The best way to start is to take a look through our designs and request a price list for the relevant size you are after (Studio, One or Two bedroom- for three bedroom or more please send us an enquiry).

Once you are familiar with our price point and designs and feel that you have found something that could be perfected to suit you then we would love you to send us through some information so we can start tailoring your brand new Soulpsace!

All of the initial information we need can be provided here.

Step Two- Confirming that a Soulspace is perfect for you.

The information we collect in our online customer questionnaire allows us to become familiar with what your needs are. At this stage we can  give you an idea of the cost of your project based on your location and the plan you have chosen as well as any variations based on your personal requirements.

Step Three- Creation Phase

At this stage we are becoming part of your team! We have all agreed that a Soulspace is the perfect match for you and we are all eager to weave your flavour throughout every nook and cranny of the design!

At step three it is time to have an in-depth consultation!

The consultation is usually conducted via phone or video call and we will spend our time together going through all of the finer details of what you are dreaming about! Our designer will start a joint Pinterest folder with you so that we can share ideas with you and create a mood board specific to your space.

Soulspace will then bounce plans and ideas back and forth with you until every detail is PERFECT for you.

There is a $500 consultation fee payable at this stage of the process. This fee will be taken off the cost of your project upon commitment to commencing your build.

Within a few days you will be sent a preliminary floor plan, inclusions list and customised quote which we continue to tweak as we receive feedback from you.

Step Four- It’s commitment time!

When all of the details are perfect and you are besotted with your plan it is time to commit and get really EXCITED that this is happening!!!

Upon signing your contract we require a 5% deposit and the paperwork and permits can begin!

All of the plans and notes that we have created together will be forwarded to our drafting girl and she will prepare your working drawings!

Step Five- Let’s bring this space to life!

This is the final step of the process! Your construction will get underway and we will work on bringing all of those ides and dreams to fruition!

At your end, nothing needs to be done onsite until around a week before delivery.

Your Soulspace will be built and finished at our workshop and your local tradesmen will need to prepare the footings (we provide engineered drawings- they are very straight forward) and run your electrical and plumbing to the site, ready for connection.

Once your footings are complete and have had four-five days to set then your new studio will be transported to you and put into place!

Connection can be done within a day or two and your Soulspace will be ready for landscaping and furniture!


Our  payment installments are very similar to a regular build.

The stages of payment and construction are as follows-

Deposit Stage- 5%

Base Stage- 15% upon ordering of windows and steel base construction

Frame Stage- 20% upon commencing frame construction

Lock Up Stage- 20% upon commencing the lock up stage

Fix-Out stage- 35% upon commencing all interior fix-out

Completion- 5% upon completion of your Soulspace and prior to delivery.

One more step…..

Move In and ENJOY!!!